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Pretty Curly Girl Keep it simple routine (4 x 250ml) - strong hold gel AANBIEDING

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Pretty Curly Girl Keep it simple routine (4 x 250ml)
step1-Pretty Curly Girl Peppermint Clean Shampoo (17,95)
step2-Pretty Curly Girl Bye Bye Tangles and Knots Conditioner (17,95)
step3-Pretty Curly Girl Extra Loving Leave-In Conditioner (19,95)
             -Pretty Curly Girl Strong Hold Gel 250ml TUBE (22,95)

Are you overwhelmed with all the products. 

Keep your routine simple with these 4 products and go for our 1-2-3 step routine with these 4 products: 



Pretty Curly Girl Peppermint Clean Shampoo 
This protein free foaming shampoo is formulated with a gentle cleanser to clean your scalp & hair without stripping of the oils. Enriched with Peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil and the unique formula PreBIULIN® FOS to help with scalp irritations like dryness, itchiness and dandruff. The tingling effect increases blood circulation to the scalp to create a healthier environment for hair growth.

How to use
Step 1: use once a week. Apply a generous amount on your scalp, massage and let the foam work further to the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for at least 1-2 minutes for a tingling sensation. Then rinse out. Follow with step 2, condition your hair. 

The tingling sensation can diminish due to the foam. Add a little bit of the peppermint fresh co-wash on your scalp, if you like to have an extra tingling sensation while using the shampoo.


STEP 2: 
Pretty Curly Girl Bye Bye Tangles and Knots Conditioner

Protein Free and almost no Glycerin just a small percentage of  Ethylhexylglycerin that is used as a part of a preservative ) 
Japanese Matcha & Avocado & Vitamin E & Shea Butter & Almond Oil

This protein free Bye Bye Tangles & Knots Conditioner will strengthen and restore your hair while you are detangling it. This conditioner has a powerful blend of nourishing ingredients - Matcha, Shea Butter, Avocado oil, Almond oil and Vitamin E - that sink deep into your hair to moisturize it from the inside out. The benefits of Matcha (Japanese green tea) are incredible. Matcha is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps support healthy hair growth and regrowth. This conditioner will nourish and strengthen your curls and has an extreme slip to detangle your hair. 

How to use
You can use this conditioner as a detangling conditioner or as a quick conditioning treatment.

Step 2: to detangle, after shampooing apply a generous amount all over your scalp and to the lengths of your hair. Comb your hair and then rinse out.

If you have the time, use it as a treatment and leave it on for 2-5 minutes before you rinse it out. 
Use as a leave-in conditioner, apply the product on your hair and do not rinse out. Focus on your ends and stay away from the scalp area.


STEP 3: Pretty Curly Girl Extra Loving Leave-In Conditioner
Zonder Proteine & zonder Glycerine

De naam zegt het al. Deze conditioner geeft jouw krullen de extra liefde die het nodig heeft. Verrijkt met sheabutter, lijnzaad en amandelolie! 


Doel: Het ontward je haar en je krullen worden weer zachter en beter doorkambaar. 
Deze leave-in conditioner helpt om je haar weer lang, sterk en gezond te houden.

Hoe te gebruiken: Verdeel deze leave-in conditioner op schoon en nat haar. Gebruik een kam om je haar per sectie te ontwarren. Niet uitspoelen. Gebruik daarna de magical flaxseed gel voor het beste resultaat van de styling van je haar.


Pretty Curly Girl Strong Hold Gel 250ml TUBE


Extra strong hold and curl definition.

This  gel has very gel-like in consistency but it is also a moisture-rich formula, leaving the hair – after the SOTC – very soft and hydrated. 

Chia seeds is very high in protein/ keratin. So it can help strengthen your hair. Keratin is a type of protein present in chia seeds that provides shiny and protective covering to your hair. Chia seeds are also rich in copper and phosphorus, which make your hair strands thick and strong.

CHIA WILL GIVE YOUR CURLS A VITAMIN BOOST: they are full of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, phosphorous, and calcium, making them a powerful hair strengthener.

CHIA WILL HELP WITH HAIR HEALTH: they are made up of 23% protein/keratin.

WILL HELP WITH ELASTICITY: it helps to heal split ends and broken strands, so your hair has much more elasticity after a few uses.

CHIA WILL GIVE YOU AN INCREDIBLE SHINE: it helps with moisturizing your curls and adds shine.

How to use
Step 3: scrunch the strong hold gel into wet hair to encourage your curl pattern. For optimum results use our leave-in conditioners or one of our creams first.

This gel will create a gel cast (“a hard gel layer”). Break the cast with the Scrunch Out The Crunch method methodwhen your hair is 100%  dry. SOTC method is a method to break the gel cast with your fingers or use a microfiber towel to create soft and defined curls.

Our products are concentrated, so less is more.


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